Do you struggle communicating your business needs with your employees, subcontractors or customers? 

My name is Diana Reese. I'm a Business Administrator and Spanish Teacher.   I'm a Colombian native and American Citizen. I have 20+ years working with international companies  and 8 years  working as a virtual assistant from home. I have  always exceeded clients' expectations of professionalism, sales and service.

In this crashing economy, partnering with a Virtual Assistant has many benefits for the contracting company:

  • More revenue for your business.
  • More time for you to focus on important tasks.
  • Saving on health insurance and other benefits.
  • No need to invest in office equipment.
  • No need to invest in training or technology.
  • No need for payroll taxes.
  • No Benefits, vacations, sick days, etc.
  • You only pay for the work you need. That’s it!

My commitment to you is:

  • To respond within a time frame.
  • Provide optimum quality work
  • Professionalism and accuracy. 
  • Keep up in technology to satisfy customers demands.
  • Reliability, efficiency and accountability.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • It is a WIN - WIN situation!
An Affordable and Professional Business Relationship 
Made Simple!
I take care of your work  while 
You take care of high decision tasks!

Diana Reese

Solutions for
√ Business
√ Consultants
√ Authors
√ Entrepreneurs
√ Speakers
√ Social Media
√ Others

What do I do?
√ Travel arrangement.
√ Calendar Management. 
√ Help with Social Media.
√ Managing events.
√ Translations.
√ 3 way calls.
√ Online Seminar.

Any Other you may need!

To schedule a FREE  Webseminar  
to discuss your needs, please e-mail me at
1-(321) 574-1158

    Port Saint Lucie, FL    .                   
1-(321) 574-1158